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Conferences and Meetings

Eventist Conference Team, is an unity & specialized team with full and solid experiences from planning to full execution for conference, forum or ceremony.  Our professional talents provide vital suggestions from the scratch line to a successful meeting. We care about every single step in the event. We will foresee the unexpected circumstance and plan for the contingency. 

Integration from innovative technologies is a model of success in the world of business. It is not

an instrument for digitized, but it is a efficient and effective management tool in a seamless way.

Eventist Conference, as a PCO (Professional Conference Organizer), always remembers and works in Precise, Contingent and Organized principle. We are always keen to create "value" for audience in a conference or meeting.

"Seamless efficiency from beginning to end and beyond."

“Create values to inspire audience.”


Digital Economy Summit 2023

International Tourism Convention 2018

The 53rd Session of Codex Committee on Food Additives Conference 2023


JC InnoPower Forum 2022:
An Innovative Post-Pandemic Transformation

Hong Kong Young Construction Conference & Construction Industry Outstanding Young Person 2021 


CIC International Conference on MiC 2021

HKTB Tourism Update 2021
​" Navigating the Future Together "

Tung Wah Conference 2020.jpg

Tung Wah Conference 2020

Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum by the Hong Kong Jockey Club 2018

Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum 2018

Our Clients

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